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          Coffin Cellars currently rotates 15 varietals, with plans to release more in the  future. We are currently expanding our operation to keep up with the demand of our growing client base and apologize that our varieties may become unavailable for months, or years, at a time. We appreciate your understanding that our wines average 2 years to produce, some upwards of 5.

          Wine and tastings are available at our Webster property April-December, Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1-5pm, or by appointment year-round. In 2016, we opened our new tasting room in a restored Civil War Shoe Maker Shop original to our property.

          Over the last 11 years, we have greatly appreciated the relationship we have had with many small local retailers across the state. As we have all struggled due to the events of 2020, we are working on continuing those relationships, and hope you will see Coffin Cellars back on shelves across the state soon as possible.


We are proud to announce that we have started shipping! Limited Shipping is now available on select products through VinoShipper. Unfortunately, shipping is not available to every state (restrictions apply)

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2010 - present

Current Varietals

Black Currant Wine​ - $20

Also know as Cassis, this full-bodied red explodes with tart berry flavors and bold tannins, true to the unusual fruit.

Blueberry Wine - $18

A French oaked red wine with subtle blueberry flavors with a dry finish.​ Pairs well with food.

Elderberry Wine - $23

This full-bodied red has a velvety feel and hints of pepper. Light tannins give way to a dry berry finish.

Elderberry Rose Wine - $15

Made from the second pressing of the Elderberry fruit, this off-dry wine is perfect in a sangria, or for the sour beer drinker looking for a change.

Jalapeno Wine (375ml) - $15

Not for the faint of heart, this spicy treat will be the life of any party. A Bartender staple for mixing spicy cocktails or a great addition for the Chef in the kitchen.

Shiro Plum Wine (375ml) - $15

Light, delicate citrus notes give way to delicious ripe fruit flavors making for an extremely drinkable wine.

Hard Apple Cider (750ml) - $12

Inspired by an old family-friend's recipe, we're proud to release our first Hard Cider. This Dry Spanish-Style Still (non-carbonated) Cider is made from NH Heirloom apples which give this Cider unique hints of flowers and honey.

Like your cider carbonated? Try your hand at traditional Sidra high-pouring.

Attach an "escanciador" (special Spanish pourer) to a chilled bottle of our cider with your dominant hand, and in the other hand hold a short, wide glass at a 45 degree angle. Start pouring "one sip" at a time as far apart as you feel comfortable and drink immediately. This process adds natural carbonation, more the higher you pour. In a pinch, a standard liquor pourer or wine aerator will do.

2010 - present

Currently in Production

Blackberry Wine

This Port-style wine has flavors of summer blackberries and rich spiced notes. Great after dinner or anytime.

Cranberry-Pomegranate Wine

Our #1 selling wine is both sweet and dry. Finishes with the crisp taste of cranberry. Still available at select NH Liquor and Wine Outlets


Lime Wine​

This refreshing wine has citrus notes and a crisp finish making it hard to put your glass down. "I never thought anything would replace my love for margaritas with Mexican food." ~ Stephanie Phillips, Hippo

Raspberry Wine

It's hard to escape the beautiful aroma of fresh berries in this light red wine.


Out of Stock

Dandelion Wine (375ml)

A beautifully crafted dessert wine is sweet and floral with hints of citrus. Certain to bring back memories of homesteading of the past generation.

Kiwi Berry Wine

This cold-hardy exotic fruit is used to emulate a semi-sweet white wine with tropical citrus notes and a soft tannin finish.

Peach Wine

This summery wine is smooth and soft with a dry fruit finish, making it great both alone and with food.

Purple Plum Wine (375ml)

​This dry Burgundy-style Rosé has tannins with warm spice notes and a fresh stone fruit finish.


Tomato Wine (375ml)

Reminiscent of light Mediterranean whites, the natural citrus and floral notes of the vine-ripened fruit make for a dry summer sipper.